From first draft to first sale

Discover Your Path to Self-Publishing Success: A Comprehensive Guide from First Draft to First Sale

Embark on a transformative journey

Are you an aspiring author with a completed manuscript, dreaming of seeing your work published and cherished by readers? Our course, "From First Draft to First Sale," is meticulously designed to guide you through the exhilarating world of self-publishing.

Whether you're aiming for an eBook, a print copy, or both, this course is your roadmap to turning that dream into a reality.

What you will learn

The Art of Self-Editing: Refine your manuscript with professional editing techniques, understanding the nuances of structural, copy, and proofreading stages.

Engaging Beta Readers: Learn how to select and collaborate with beta readers to enhance your manuscript.

Professional Reviews & Blurbs: Master the art of obtaining influential reviews and blurbs to bolster your book’s credibility.

Design Mastery: Dive into the creative process of cover design and typesetting, ensuring your book captivates at first glance.

Strategic Publishing: Navigate the complexities of choosing a distributor, understanding ISBN allocation, and setting up your book for success.

Marketing Mastery: Develop a robust marketing plan, leveraging social media, email marketing, and other tools to build your author brand and audience.

Launch and Post-Launch Strategies: Execute a successful launch and maintain momentum with post-launch marketing and sales strategies.

Why enrol in this course?

Tailored Guidance: Each stage of the course is thoughtfully designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills, ensuring you’re well-equipped for every aspect of the self-publishing process.

Flexible Learning: With stages designed to be completed in around a week, you can progress at a pace that suits your schedule, allowing you to absorb and apply the learning effectively.

Comprehensive Resources: Benefit from a wealth of resources, including reading materials, reference guides, and hands-on tasks that reinforce your learning and practical application.

Expert Insights: Learn from industry experts who bring real-world experiences and insights, ensuring you’re learning from the best.

Is this course for you?

If you're determined to navigate the path of self-publishing with confidence, seeking to understand the intricacies of the process from seasoned professionals, and eager to take your manuscript from a draft to a published, saleable book, this course is for you.

Perfect for novelists ready to take control of their publishing journey, our course empowers you to not only achieve your dream of publishing but also to do so with a strategy that maximises your book's potential.

Module 1 Understanding the Self-Publishing Landscape
Unit 1 Introduction to Self-Publishing  
Unit 2 The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing  
Unit 3 Success Stories in Self-Publishing  
Unit 4 Understanding Your Market and Audience  
Unit 5 Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations  
Unit 6 Overview of the Self-Publishing Process  
Unit 7 Reading Materials  
Module 2 Manuscript Editing and Redrafting
Unit 1 The Importance of Editing  
Unit 2 Structural Editing  
Unit 3 Copyediting and Proofreading  
Unit 4 Hiring Professional Editors  
Unit 5 Self-Editing Techniques  
Unit 6 Preparing for Feedback  
Module 3 Beta Readers and Professional Reviews
Unit 1 The Role of Beta Readers  
Unit 2 Working with Beta Readers  
Unit 3 Seeking Professional Reviews and Blurbs  
Unit 4 Incorporating Feedback  
Module 4 Cover Design and Typesetting
Unit 1 Importance of Cover Design  
Unit 2 Basics of Typesetting  
Unit 3 DIY vs. Professional Design  
Unit 4 Finalising Your Book's Appearance  
Module 5 Choosing a Distributor and ISBN Allocation
Unit 1 Understanding Distribution Options  
Unit 2 Digital vs. Physical Distribution  
Unit 3 The Role and Acquisition of ISBNs  
Unit 4 Setting Up Your Book on Distribution Platforms  
Unit 5 Understanding Royalties and Payments  
Module 6 Creating a Marketing Plan
Unit 1 Building an Author Platform  
Unit 2 Marketing Strategies for Pre-Launch  
Unit 3 Effective Launch Strategies  
Unit 4 Post-Launch Marketing and Maintaining Momentum  
Unit 5 Analysing and Adapting Your Marketing Efforts  
Module 7 Preparing for Launch and Post-Launch Activities
Unit 1 Final Preparations for Book Launch  
Unit 2 Executing a Successful Book Launch  
Unit 3 Post-Launch: Assessing and Responding to Feedback  
Unit 4 Long-term Sales Strategies  
Unit 5 Planning Your Next Steps  
Module 8 Reflection and Next Steps
Unit 1 Reflecting on Your Self-Publishing Journey  
Unit 2 Analysing Feedback and Results  
Unit 3 Setting New Goals and Objectives  
Unit 4 Planning Your Next Writing Project  
Unit 5 Continuing Education and Growth as an Author  
Unit 6 Building and Expanding Your Author Brand  
Unit 7 Final Reflections and Course Closure