Writing On

Writing On

Exclusively by invitation only – you’ve completed your first 15000 words and need the discipline of deadlines to keep you on track along with a range of useful reading material to deepen your understanding of writing techniques

Back to the plan
In this module, we’ll look at various different ways of planning and plotting. We’ll revisit beat sheets, and hear from a published author about planning.

Opens on 8 February 2023

Other planning methods are available

Almost every problem with the middle part of a novel can be traced back to planning – and let’s face it, beat sheets don’t work for everyone. Here are a few more ways writers might consider for planning their stories.

Opens on 8 March 2023

The Act Two Wasteland

In this module, we start to talk more about what happens next – ACT TWO – and after that, probe into what is known as the ‘saggy middle’ – the main reason books falls at the agent or editor stage.

Opens on 5 April 2023

A soggy middle

In this module, a bunch of advice, examples and exercises to help you deal with mid-plot droop.

Opens on 3 May 2023

Picking up pace

In this module, we’ll be looking at scene structure, cutting and overwriting: by stripping your prose back or building it up you can change gear and give your material more or less weight.

Opens on 31 May 2023

Midpoint crisis

In this module, we’re aiming to pull together a few elements of the previous months and move forward to start thinking about chapters and bringing our story to a suitable end.

Opens on 28 June 2023


A novel can seem an overwhelming undertaking: are you losing momentum or blocked? How can you get going again and push through to the final act?

Opens on 26 July 2023

Chapter and verse

This module will focus on what wisdom exists around chapters and book length, how to organise delivery of a story – again harking back to planning as always.

Opens on 23 August 2023

The end is coming

In this module we’ll look at some elements to consider when writing an ending that will help your story remain with readers and hopefully get them excited for whatever you write next!

Opens on 20 September 2023

Editing 101

Tips to help you look back over what you’ve written so far and guide what might remain to do. Checklists and exercises to help speed through and read like an editor!

Opens on 18 October 2023

Marketing 101

It may not be your concern, but we’re rounding off the course with ideas on how to build your profile and platform and help yourself sell more books no matter which way you go next.

Opens on 18 October 2023

Catching an agent's eye

Sending out your work – perhaps, in some cases, for the first time – can be a real test of this confidence. How will you cope with the inevitable rejection letters? Can you use this process to push yourself further, and even to build your self-belief rather than knocking it?

Opens on 13 December 2023